Writing Clases for Teens and Adults

What's your story? 

Writing classes get us to the place where we can tell our story well.  Don't have time and/or money for a class? Check out my resources page for links to writing organizations and a list of recommended books and blogs. 

Write Your Novel in a Month
Fall Quarter 2014
Bellevue College North Campus

Is writing a novel one of your life-long dreams? Join this 8 week Bellevue College class as it hooks up with 100,000 writers worldwide for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The firstclasses prepare you for the noveling process, with practice in characterization, setting, plot, voice, and dialogue. Then we're off and writing our 50,000 word manuscripts. During the last class we plan for revision. This is a great way to write your novel in a supportive environment. 

Writing Short Stories from First Sentence to Submission 
Spring Quarter 2014
Bellevue College 

This is an intensive eight -session writing class. Each student is expected to write approximately 2,000 – 7,000 words a week and produce a portfolio of 2 – 5 short stories. During the first four weeks students plot short stories and write them to completion. The second half of the class is devoted to editing and revising one story from the student’s portfolio. Students will learn to edit their own work and to receive and give constructive criticism. At the end of class students submit their polished stories to literary or genre markets. 

Novel Re-Vision: Editing Your Manuscript for Story
Winter Quarter 2014
Bellevue College North Campus

Do you have a completed draft novel? Wondering what to do next? This class walks writers through the novel revision process. In-class exercises and critiques help students recognize the sections of their manuscripts that convey story and those that don’t. During the course students will compile a list of edits necessary to revise their novel. Prerequisite: a completed draft novel.

Teenage Novelist:  Writing Short Stories
Summer Quarter 2014
Bellevue College North Campus

This class is for teen writers.  Every story has a beginning middle and end, but how do you write stories that make your readers lean forward to find out what happens next? In this short story class students learn characterization and plotting. We will create memorable characters and chase them through a 2000 – 7000 word story. Once our stories are drafted we learn to edit and polish. Each student will leave the class with at least one completed short story. All genres are welcome.

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