Hunger is...

April 28, 2016

This week I’m giving over my blog to some talented writers.


The students at McDonald Elementary School in Seattle has been studying hunger. Here are similes and metaphors from Ms. Roughton’s 3rd graders.





“Hunger is like walking through a desert with no end.” – S.


“Hunger is like a river with no water.” – anonymous


“Hunger is like a stray cat sitting on the streets having no food to eat except litter.” – M.


“Hunger is like when you take off on a plane when you are sick.” – W.


“Hunger is like the rain falling down on a fire.” – W.


“Hunger is like an empty table at dinnertime.” – S.


“Hunger is like a sickness with no end and no medicine.” – G.


“Hunger is like a dinosaur roaring in your stomach.” – O.


“Hunger is like a fruit tree you can’t climb.” – J.


“Hunger is like a fire without a flame.” – E.


“Hunger is an apple out of reach.” – E.


“Hunger is like a hamster that has no home in winter.” – S.


“Hunger is like a hiding place that does not hide you.” – L.


“Hunger is like a school without a cafeteria.” – B.


“Hunger is like a puppy at a puppy mill.” – G.


“Hunger is fear following you around.” -- M.


“Hunger is your empty plate you have every day.” – M.

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Hunger is...

April 28, 2016

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