Welcome to the Internet Home of Maddi's Fridge


(and yes, this is the home of the cheesy pizza bomb recipe!)

Do you like to write? This spring I'm tweeting daily prompts. (Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see these.)

For example:  "Write about a stolen dog..."

What's a prompt? It's an idea to get you started. Don't worry about the quality of your writing. Don't edit. The piece of paper is your sandbox and it's time to play!  Set your timer for 10 minutes. Go!  (Remember: you can write more than 10 minutes.)

Parents, here's my blog post about ways to support your young writer. And please check out my activity pages for kids.

There is also, believe it or not, a free Maddi’s Fridge  board game designed by the University of Missouri.

Teachers and parents: Here is where you can find curriculum ideas, including Anti-Defamation League guides.  Feeding America has a wonderful resource page for families who want to help hungry children in their communities.