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Welcome to the Internet Home of Maddi's Fridge

(and yes, this is the home of the cheesy pizza bomb recipe!)
  • International Literacy Association Primary Fiction Award

  • Christopher Award 

  • Top Mighty Girl Book For Younger Readers

  • An Anti-Defamation League Book of the Month

  • Mitten Honor Book

  • United Nations Zero Hunger Reading List

Years ago I opened my best friend's refrigerator, only to discover that she and her little brother were in desperate need of food. 

The image of my friend Liz's empty refrigerator stayed with me through childhood and into my adult life. 

One day, I wrote out the story. 

Maddi's Fridge has taken me on an incredible journey.

  • I've met parents who, desperate to feed their children, have found comfort and understanding at foodbanks throughout the United States. 

  • I've met adults who pulled me aside to tell me of the weeks or months when, as children, they had empty refrigerators.

  • I've met children who have so little in their home, but still bring in one or two granola bars when their school has a food drive because they are worried about their friends who have less than they do.  

There are wonderful and loving people in this country! Let's do what we can to support every child, every parent, and every adult. 

Donate to Feeding America today. Each donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference. 

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