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Let's Help Our Friends Who Have Empty Refrigerators!

  • Do you have a friend or classmate who never eats breakfast and doesn’t bring food for snack at school? Tell a parent or trusted adult.


  • When you have friends over to play, offer some fruit and a glass of milk. You can even make them Cheesy Pizza Bombs.


  • Make posters encouraging people to give food or money to your local food bank.


  • Ask permission to put your posters up in grocery stores, libraries, schools, and businesses.


  • Volunteer with your family or class at a local food bank, pantry, shelter, or community kitchen.


  • Ask your local food bank what foods they need. Then organize a neighborhood or school food drive for those items. (Your little brother or sister's wagon is perfect for collecting donated food.)


  • Talk to your friends, teachers, and parents about ways to fight childhood hunger. The more we talk about empty refrigerators, the fewer there will be.





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