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Kick off or celebrate a Maddi's Fridge food drive with an in-person or virtual school visit!


In-Person Visits

My classroom and or assembly talk is about 35 minutes. 


  • We discuss the stories that stick in our heads and why they are important to us.

  • I tell the story behind Maddi's Fridge, how the moment I found out that my best friend's family had no food stayed with me.

  • We talk about writing and revision.

  • I read Maddi's Fridge.

  • We spend a few minutes talking about the book and I answer questions.


Optional.  If a teacher or grade requests writing time I can add about 20 minutes to my presentation to write with the children. I ask kids to write or draw about a time they helped someone or someone helped them.


Author Fee


I charge an author visit fee of $850 per day plus travel expenses. I reduce this fee by $100 for schools that hold a food drive before, during, or after my visit. The point of the food drive is to empower kids and show them that they can change the world, one small action at a time.

Book Pre-Sales


Book pre-sales are available through a local independent bookstore. Each child who purchases a copy receives a personalized autograph.


No Fees for Title 1 Schools


Please note that I do not charge an author visit fee to elementary schools with a school-wide Title 1 program. The school would still be responsible for any travel-related expenses. 

Virtual Visits

20 minute virtual questions and answer visits are free as long as your school is holding a food drive immediately before or after my visit.



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