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About Maddi's Fridge

Maddi's Fridge is a story about friendship. 


When I was small, I opened up my best friend's refrigerator for a snack. Her refrigerator was white empty, like a refrigerator in a refrigerator store. The only thing on the shelves was one of those tiny cartons of milk that they hand out at school with the free lunch program. My friend had saved her school milk for her little brother.


That image of my best friend's empty refrigerator has stayed with me my entire life.


These stories that stay with us are the ones we need to tell. As an adult I wrote about the empty refrigerator. Writers who read early drafts of Maddi's Fridge told me to stay with this story. Even editors who rejected Maddi's Fridge pointed me to other editors and told me to keep on pushing for publication.


Then one day I received an email from Flashlight Press that they wanted the story. Maddi's Fridge had found a home. 


The reasons for empty refrigerators are complex, but we Americans are a brilliant people who have solved problems that have stumped the rest of the world. We can fix this. We can eliminate empty refrigerators for all of our friends and neighbors.


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