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Friends Helping Friends


Maddi’s Fridge is a story about friendship. Maddi helps Sofia climb to be the tallest kid in the playground. Sofia brings food to Maddi and, when that isn't enough, get's help.


In this fast-paced world it is easy to forget or overlook what binds us together -- our friends and neighbors and family and the support that we give each other. The United States and every country that has prospered has been built by this original social network. 


When you help someone you give them a gift which lasts a lifetime.


Celebrate the small important ways in which your students or children help each other. 


In a classroom:  Divide your class in two. Have half the class write about a time someone helped them.  Have the other half write about a time they helped someone.  Let your students share their stories. 


At home: Let your child choose to write about about a time they helped someone or write about a time someone helped them.  


You can download these activity sheets to help young writers and artists:   


I was helped


I helped someone



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