Schedule a School Visit


Below is general information about what happens on a school visit. Most schools choose a mixture of assembly and workshops. I will work with you to tailor a schedule that meets the needs of your students.


Assemblies (30 - 40 minutes)


Kick off or celebrate a Maddi's Fridge food drive with an assembly.  Assemblies can be all-school or divided by grade (K-2, 3-5). 


  • We discuss the stories that stick in our heads and why they are important to us. 

  • Students hear the story behind Maddi's Fridge. 

  • We talk about writing and revision. 

  • We talk about perseverance

  • I read Maddi's Fridge.

  • We spend a few minutes talking about friendship and empty refrigerators.


Writers' Workshops (30 - 40 minutes)


The goal of the writers' workshop is to give students a positive and fun experience writing either fiction or nonfiction (their choice). We play with description a bit, so that students can see how a detailed description puts images in a reader's mind. Students choose to write a story that "stuck" in their heads or write a story to a fun prompt.   


Author Fee


For the 2019 - 2020 school year, I charge an author visit fee of $600 per day to schools in the greater Seattle area. I reduce this fee by $200 for schools that hold a food drive before, during, or after my visit. One school that I went to combined a math lesson with the food drive. The kids counted and then cross-checked the number of items donated. That was pretty cool because then the kids had a solid number. They could tell me "Our grade donated X cans to the food bank." 


The point of the food drive is to empower kids and show them that they can change the world, one small action at a time. 


For schools outside of the greater Seattle area, my fee is $600 plus expenses (hotel, gas, airfare, etc.). I reduce my fee by $200 for schools that hold a food drive before, during, or after my visit. 


No Fees for Title 1 Schools


Please note that I do not charge an author visit fee to elementary schools with a school-wide Title 1 program. If your school is outside of the greater Seattle area, your school will still need to provide travel expenses for the school visit. 


Free Skype Visits


If your school is holding a Maddi's Fridge food drive I would love to do a free Skype visit. Contact me to see if I have availability on my schedule. 


Book Pre-Sales


Book pre-sales are available through Flashlight Press or a local independent bookstore. Each child who purchases a copy receives a personalized autograph. 


©2014-2020  Lois Brandt  

All Maddi's Fridge Images are ©2014 Vin Vogel


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