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Helping stories


On school visits I divide each class into two.  Half the class writes about a time when they helped someone, the other half writes about a time when someone helped them.  


Here are some stories from the wonderful students at Challenger Elementary:

Once when my friend fell off the monkey bars I helped her and I took her to the health room. When she came back she was fine, but second recess it started to hurt her so then I took her to the health room again and then she was okay for the rest of the day. I was happy and she was happy. And it never happened again. – A


Once I helped my mom by making my bed and making her bed. I always help put things on the table. – E


Once my mom helped me learn to tie my shoes. It took about 2 weeks for me to learn how to tie my shoes. Now that I know how to tie my shoes I got shoes with shoelaces. Those shoes are too big for me so I’m going to wear them next month. – A


One day somebody helped me tie my shoes when I was little. Then, I learned how to tie my shoe the basic way. When I grew up to 8, I knew how to tie 4 bunny ears. My mom told me another easy way to tie my shoe. – E


When I was three my friend helped me find the trash after I ate my snack because I needed my paper napkin thrown away. When I was three my head got cracked open and my parents helped me get to the hospital. When I was six I twisted my ankle and my grandparents helped me to the hospital. – E


When I fell on the monkey bars someone helped me when I fell down on the monkey bars. She took me to the health room. I hurt my leg and she helped me up and took me to the health room. Then I didn’t learn how to do the monkey bars. I know by now how to do them. -- A


This is the time my mom helped me tie a double knot. One day, I told my mom that I couldn’t tie my shoe tight enough. So she taught me how to. I was so proud of myself for doing a double knot and other stuff because I already could tie my shoe. I can now help others with tying their shoe. I also love doing it because I love helping others. – P


My mom helped me get better when I was sick. She let me play my kindle for a little bit then she said I could watch a movie, but after that I had to go take a nap. – M


One day I was at school and I was playing tag when I fell and it was on the concrete and I was bleeding. So I had to go to the health room. The teacher said that I had to have a friend with me so I picked my BFF. When we were walking in the hall I was crying and guess what? My BFF kind of comforted me on the way to the health room. After that I felt a little better. I said “thank you” to my friend and then I said “I owe you one.” And my friend said, “Any time.” – C

One day my friend was chewing gum. She had nowhere to put her already been chewed gum so instead I holded it for her. I was grossed out but I did not want her to be sad, so instead I shoved it in my pocket, but my pocket was too messy so I put it in my shoe. How gross! So I ran away from it in my mind. Then I stuck it in my hear but I looked ugly. I was really worried. At last, I found somewhere to put it an threw it in the trash. Now my friend was happy. – S


One time I helped my friend was when I taught them how to jump rope. It all started like this. One day I was thinking of what to do before school. Just then I spotted my friend outside my window. She was holding a jump rope while sitting on a bench. “I wonder what she’s doing?” I thought. Then I rushed outside. I saw her sitting on the bench. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Trying to jump rope.” She replied. “Do you need help?” I asked. “No,” she replied. “Uh….okay,” I said as I turned around. “Wait!” she said with a sigh. “I will gladly help you!” I said cheerfully. “This is how you start,” I said as I slowly started jump-roping. “Wow!” replied my friend. “You try,” I said to my friend. “I guess I will,” she said slowly. Then she tried and tried, but she couldn’t do it. Then, she got so mad at me, but then she tried again and finally she did it. “Friends?” I said. “Friends,” she said. – L


The time when one of my friends helped me was when I was stuck on a 9 level on a game. The game was called super smash brothers brawl. She came over to my house and played with me. We went through the whole story mode. I was shocked because I was halfway through the game, but it was more fun to do it all over again. So we went through the whole game play again. Then we finally made it to the level I was stuck on, the great maze. Then we defeated the boss. I was happy. That’s what I call a true friend. – S


One day I helped my friend learn how to make a firework flower. I made it up by myself. My friend has black hair and brown eyes and is really nice!!!!!!!!!!! – A


One day I was playing with my friend and I tripped and fell on the orange concrete and I was bleeding. He came up and said are you okay as he helped me up. I said yes then he said no problem. The problem was my black show was untied and at that moment I didn’t know how to tie my shoe. So we sat there for about one minute thinking, and he said you need to know how to tie your shoe and I said will you help me. He said yes and he said first you put this over here and at last I finally learned how. It was truly amazing and I said thanks and after that we continued our game. – B


Once I helped my friend when he fell off the monkey bars. I took him to the health room. They said he would be fine. – R

It was just yesterday. After PE my clip broke. During lunch I sat next to a friend and asked “Can you help me fix my clip?” And she said, “Sure.” Then she tried and tried and you know what I said. “It’s okay.” But she said, “I think I got it.” Later I said, “I don’t think I need to wear this clip anymore, I think I will give it back right now.” After that a few minutes later I forgot after the end of the day. Then I thought maybe tomorrow but, I still forgot. “So maybe tomorrow,” I said. -- C


"Come on, let’s got to recess,” I said.“I don’t know how to tie my shoes okay,” my friend said.“Do you want me to teach you?” I said.“Yes,” he said.“Right,” I said.“You make an X with the laces. Then you grab one of the laces and put it through the hole in the middle. Nex you make a loop. Then grab the other lace and rap it around the loop. After that, put the lace in the hole next to the loop. Finally, you pull the lace and you’re done. Now are you done?” I said.“Yes,” he said.“Thanks,” he said.“I finally know how to tie my shoe,” he said. Then we went outside to play.“Your shoes are really blue,” I said.“I know,” he said, as we walked to the playground. -- T


It was a beautiful winter night and I was at my church. We got to eat steak and potatoes and even salad, but we had no dressing or anything else, just lettuce. We talked and played on my cousin’s phone. Then everyone went silent when a professional football player started to speak. He talked about how he and his teammates had a really good coach and he wanted to get his coach a present so he decided a car. So he talked to his teammates about it and they said “No” the first time, but the next time he tries they said “yes” so they got the him a new car and then he (coach) was carried out into his new car and after he caught his breath he drove away. That football player taught me to believe in myself and never forget the power of one. – B


I was camping in Joshua Tree, California, when this story happened. We just settled into campsite 4. My brother taught me how to set up our camping tent. 8 metal bars were supporting the tent. It is dangerous camping in Joshua Tree because a LOT of scorpions live in the Joshua Tree plants. The bars are flexible so you do not need to waste your money buying 16 unbendable bars when there is a package of 8 bendable bars right next to it at the store. They are very long. They are 10 feet long in height if you keep it unbended in height. The tent covering, or cloth, is thick nylon. The scorpions tried and tried to pinch their way through but no luck scorpions. Go home. -- A

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