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Maddi’s Fridge is a story about two young girls who find that the power of friendship can overcome any obstacle. Maddi's Fridge


  • Shows the effects of childhood hunger in the United States – a family with an empty refrigerator.

  • Reassures children facing food scarcity that they are not alone.

  • Reminds us that together we can overcome large obstacles. 


Discussion Before Reading:


Look at the cover and title of Maddi's Fridge.  Let students guess what the story is about. Your students can even make up their own refrigerator stories. (There is no right or wrong in this activity. All stories are wonderful.)


Discussion After Reading:


Ask open questions. Here are few suggestions:


What is this story about?

There is no wrong answer to this question. Maddi’s Fridge touches on many issues – including childhood hunger, friendship, when to break a promise, and perseverance.


Who helped someone in this story?

Answers include Sofia, Maddi, Luis, and even Pepito. 


Why do you think the author wanted to tell this story?

Allow students to guess, then find the answer on this page:  About Maddi's Fridge.


Do you have a story that you'd like to write?

The stories close to the heart are the ones we need to tell. Ask your students what stories are near to their hearts. Stories can be happy, funny, or more serious. Any story that is close to the heart is worth telling. 




Friends Helping Friends


Divide your students into two groups. Have half the students write about a time someone helped them. Have the other half write about a time they helped someone. Let your students share their stories.  Click to download I was helped and I helped someone.


If you are working with one child, ask if the child would like to write his or her own story of either helping someone or being helped. You may choose to write your own story of helping or being helped. 


Fight Hunger


This website has links and suggestions for fighting childhood hunger in the United States, but you can also use the brilliant young minds in your home or classroom.


Before showing students the action page at the back of Maddi’s Fridge, ask them how they would fight hunger. This would also be a good time to let children know about school or community resources for families with empty refrigerators.


Other Activities:


Click here to go to the activities page for cooking, maze and drawing activities.


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